Nevada Science Center provides several resources for students, teachers, and professional community partners. The Science Center want to be a tool for everyone in our community, and here to help support science whether it is learning in your class, at home, or in a professional setting. Our offerings extend to people of all ages and needs.

Teacher Resources

The Nevada Science Center is her to help supplement your science curriculum with fun, exciting, innovative approaches. It is a goal to help engage students, increase their curiosity and have a deeper understanding of science! The NSC can help teachers with: Please contact for any inquires.

  • Lessons and activities
  • Classroom outreach visits
  • Virtual field trip archives
  • STEM tutoring

Professional Development

Need help organizing teacher professional development workshop? We can come to you with materials to inspire teachers and offer tools teachers can bring to their classrooms which meet academic science standards while inspiring science learning. Please contact for any inquires.

Consulting Resources

Need a scientist? We have them! We can provide professional services from surveys, reporting, consulting, or monitoring. Our team is BLM permitted and dependable. Please contact  for any inquiries.

  • Paleo consulting
  • Bio consulting
  • Archaeology consulting
  • Media consulting